About Us

Harmonizing real estate, golf and housing — while bringing it to life with increased values


Putting the golf course acreage to work as a fun focal point for neighborhoods and families

Realizing profit in managing golf courses has been at the forefront of our work since the very first courses we owned and operated. Knowing where profit can be extracted requires knowing where expenses and energy need to be focused.

The way we change a golf course goes much farther than just shifting holes and making room for development. The road to profitability requires changes that reduce labor, streamline maintenance and allow the golf course to have other uses. 

The very best outcome is to bring more people out to the course — to view courses as ‘Central Parks’ with many more revenue streams.

Recognizing that today’s golf facility should not look like your grandfather’s country club

Managing a golf facility is a balancing act between tradition and innovation. On one hand we need to respect a 500-year-old game. On the other we have a new generation of players that will spend money — but only when the offering fits their taste and schedule.

Our team was built with this realization. From creative food and beverage, to understanding the way facilities must be designed and managed. The days of being ordinary are being overtaken in every corner of club culture. We not only respect this change, but we are also embracing it. Golf today is about fitness, health, wellness and, especially, fun.

What We do

With a proven track record of golf development and mixed-use residential for the past 40 years

The development concept behind Parks Legacy began at the historic Arizona Biltmore. Founder Alan Mishkin realized the opportunity to creatively transform acreage of the golf facility while enhancing and preserving the iconic golf community.

Today, after owning, managing, and consulting with more than 28 golf properties across North America, the Parks Legacy team is actively pursuing underperforming golf assets for this same purpose. Through innovation and outside-the-box thinking, the team integrates entitlement research, land planning, and financial analysis to come up with exciting and revenue generating approaches.

American golf development took off during the 1980s, ushering in a high inventory of new golf communities. Many of these courses have now reached a critical point where the realities of sustainable operations have become difficult to achieve. In many cases, impossible.

Harmonizing real estate, golf and housing — while bringing it to life with increased values 

So, how do you go about converting these tremendous open space assets to higher yield developments? Simply put, there is no substitute for detailed analysis. By digging deep into each property, we look for unique value that can be realized through re-zoning, golf rearrangement and a healthy dose of design ingenuity.

Our Approach

It begins by realizing opportunities and then creating a roadmap to get home

With a team that has been responsible for the development of more than 50,000 homes, our instinct is unmatched. We know where the market needs to be — and we know how to develop the right mix to meet demands.

Our approach to building eliminates up to 20% of direct costs by leveraging design, supply chain and consumer focused branding. All achieved while staying true to market-leading standards. 

Today the consumer wants energy efficiency and integrated technology. Smart homes are no longer a goal for the future — they are here and now. Consumers are more ready than ever.


It begins by realizing opportunities and then creating a roadmap to get homeTo us, the word ‘home’ extends to mobile homes on leased spaces, RV parks and cabin rentals

Lifestyle is at the heart of each Parks Legacy endeavor. Each golf course asset is carefully studied to arrive at the highest and best use. Our process for investigating land entitlements is second to none. We look beyond the ordinary. We look for the unexpected. And always, the optimum return. 

While for-sale homes remain our core business model, we also assess other highly lucrative options. These include mobile home communities where highly profitable leases keep on producing. We also consider compatible uses that are often manageable under existing zoning. These include RV parks, campgrounds, lodging and stay-and-play rentals.