Our Founder

Alan Mishkin

Parks Legacy’s Founder, Alan Mishkin believed in the power of golf. But in his vision, that power goes even deeper than the 500-year-old sport itself. His vision for golf is one of valuable open space for neighborhoods. A quality-of-life issue that he practiced for more than 40 years of his development career.

First realized in the 1980s when he purchased the Arizona Biltmore Golf Courses, eventually resulting in $200 million worth of quality in-fill development. Most important was the ultimate preservation of the golf, something we have never lost sight of. Thanks to Alan’s creative vision, Parks Legacy is now seen as the leader in golf facility transformation. Our dedicated team brings more than 200 years of experience, a proven track record and legacy to quality. 

In an often-complex world of preserving open spaces, we move projects forward with an eye toward profitability, strong returns and ultimately — vibrant communities.

The concept of “Open minds for open spaces” is not only what we say, but what we practice at each and every turn. To us, the combination of golf open space with creative housing is among the most important pursuits.

Thank you, Alan. We will follow in your footsteps with the greatest pride knowing we are continuing the legacy.