The Process

How we go about converting these tremendous open space assets to higher yield developments 

Step 1

Property Identification & Research 

Extensive Brokerage Network to identify properties

Initial Identification and research

Preliminary entitlement and planning research

Initial acquisition discussion with subject owners

Secondary entitlement and planning research

Initial pro forma analysis and forecast

Step 2

Property negotiation, LOI, and initial planning 

Negotiation for letter of intent / preliminary agreement

Formal “Under Contract” phase

Final due diligence research and inspection period

Land planning and specific improvements program

Program costing and analysis of improvements & yields

Initial entitlement process with agencies and neighbors 

Step 3

Acquisition, final planning & implementation

Final contingency planning with multiple outcomes

Acquisition contract, financing and terms

Final entitlement and planning process

Interim operations, staffing, & conversion to profitability

Project financing and start-up phase

Start-up and phase I construction

Questions about what stage the project near you is in?